Under the scientific supervision of the World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine, (WOSIAM), the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress marked its 14th anniversary with advanced program content in 2016.

The Principality of Monaco was once again the venue for the event, and once again BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy took centre-stage.

Over the last 14 years AMWC has played a key role in underpinning the scientific understanding of global Anti-Aging management.

This mission is still very important today and the 2016 congress program addressed how to achieve effective aging prevention by comprehensively examining approaches in aesthetics (dermatology and surgery) for external appearance while applying anti-aging medicine such as BIOPTRON for internal and external wellbeing.

Some of the most sought after experts in the fields of Aesthetic Dermatology, Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery and multidisciplinary Preventive & Anti-Aging Medicine spoke at the 2016 Congress about how BIOPTRON Medical Light Therapy can visibly restore the natural luminosity of your entire face, reduce discoloration, improve skin texture and smooth hard to treat wrinkles – all from the comfort of your own home.

Professionals from all over the world are using BIOPTRON MedAll, BIOPTRON Pro 1 and BIOPTRON 2 for use in beauty and Anti-Aging clinics. Dr. Christian Deperdu, dermatologist and Anti-Aging treatment specialist of Beausoleil, France; Dr. Bogdan Dimitrie Niculae, President of the Romanian Anti-Aging Association and Chief Dermatologist at Lasermed Clinics; Dr. Jasmina Lalosevic of Belgrade, Serbia, founder of AestheticMed Anti-Aging clinics, and Dr. Urszula Hura, Owner of Hura Medical Centre, Poland, along with numerous other leading doctors, have all confirmed the effectiveness and the ease of use of BIOPTRON light therapy with various popular Anti-Aging procedures.

These include using the revolutionary medical light therapy device after mesotherapy and hyalurone acid fillers, PRP lifting, face lifting with mesonites, after peels and laser procedures, and even as a complementary therapy in hair treatments and post hair transplantation.

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