I have CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which is successfully being treated by Dr C Jadin a Specialist in this field. I’ve had this disorder for over 20 years, causing many other problems along the way and having endless tests and seeing many doctors.

One of the problems it has left me with is a dysfunctional immune system: Auto-immune disorder causing ALL my joints to swell; weakened immune system; bad circulation; hair loss; allergies; headaches; lethargy – I can go on and on.

Dr C Jadin encouraged me to buy the Bioptron as it would enhance her treatment. I obeyed doctor’s orders and have been using the Bioptron for 2 months now with amazing results. My bad circulation, hair loss, allergies, sinus are something of the past. In 4 months time when the blood tests for the auto-immune are done, we’ll be able to then only tell how the Bioptron has lowered the count. I must add that I religiously use the Bioptron 2 x daily and am reaping the rewards.

Mrs Niki Diamond

I was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER on 4/12/2008. My oncologist did not give me a good prognosis as I had stage 3 cancer which had started spreading. I started using the BIOPTRON Light soon after the operation and my Doctor has been shocked with my markers. He now sees me once in three months as the cancer is now in remission.

I was bitten by dogs and after 8 days my wounds were still wet and not looking good at all, and I decided to use the Light on the wounds and I could not believe it. By the end of the day my wounds showed clear signs of drying and by the next day there was a hard crust and it itched as the healing was taking place. I really believe in this wonderful Light.


I have Osteoarthritis. As a result, I’ve had two hip replacements, two shoulder, and a knee operation. The worse are my thumbs, the pain can drive you up the wall. But since I got the Bioptron machine my life is bearable.

My Grandson fell on his face and had two scars. I used the Bioptron on him and the scars disappeared completely. My daughter had toothache and used the machine – three months later and still no toothache.
I would strongly recommend the Bioptron machine to any person. You can really use it for so many purposes.

It is a blessing.

Mrs CJM Botha

17 YEAR TEENAGE BOY: Severe acne, scarring. Was on ROACCUTAN for a year with no results. We combined 20 mins of BIOPTRON with Regima skin peels.

Total Bioptron treatments : 14
Total peel treatments : 6
over a twelve week period.


Incredible! 50-60% improvement of skin. Skin is not so tender. Pimples & scarring greatly reduced.


I have had excellent results with Bioptron. I have used it on ACNE patients and together with the right products and light therapy, their skin has improved dramatically. As a result they have purchased the Compact III to use in the comfort of their home.

I have used it on patients with PINK EYE, SINUSITIS, TOOTHACHE, HEADACHES, SPRAINED ANKLES, ARTHRITIS, LUPUS, BURN-OUT, etc. Clients have felt so much better after the use of the light that most of them come on a regular basis for treatment and many have purchased the lamp to use at home.

I have also used the lamp on dehydrated, neglected skin to improve absorption of skin care products with incredible results.

I believe that every household should have a Bioptron. Children love using it and it definitely has accelerated healing.

Prof Celene Bernstein

Lindsay Burns had been suffering for the last 15 hours with severe SINUS congestion and inflammation of the facial nerve. The right side of her face was numb and her mouth was pulling to one side – she was finding it difficult to speak properly.

I treated for 16 minutes with the BIOPTRON PRO at a distance of 12-15 cm. During the treatment she experienced a pins & needles sensation in her mouth and she felt the right side of her face relax. Immediately after the treatment she said the feeling had returned to the right side of her face and she could speak normally.


Due to my studies, I have found this Bioptron light source to be beneficial in healing processes. My first patient has a skin condition on her hands and feet where the epithelial cells mutate as they regenerate, leaving a condition similar to Psoriasis in appearance. The light source, together with the topical prescribed, reduced the swelling, inflammation, and returned 60% of the tissue to normal. It was recommended that she bought her own light source to use indefinitely.

Patients treated for surgical scar reduction showed promoted healing with minimal scar tissue.

Phlebotic patients showed reduced swelling.

1. 55 year old male. Liver Cancer (advanced). Right lower back pain & sciatica. Unable to sleep, worried. Daily 30 minutes (Bioptron) treatment to lower right lumbar region. Relief of pain after first treatment, able to walk more upright. Slept much better during treatment sessions. In-between chemotherapy – desperate for Bioptron after a break of 4 days of chemotherapy and bed rest at home. Great relief to this very ill patient.

2. 32 year old male. Ribs right side. Complained of poor sleeping, pain and difficult breathing. (very into healthy lifestyle). Only 3 x 30 minute treatments to site of injury. Slept better even after one treatment. Much better in 3 days. Good results even with sinus pain.

Sue Kozlowski

In three months of using the BIOPTRON Compact lamp :

1. A gum infection, which doctors wanted to operate on, is 85% better
2. A developing pain on one side of the joint of the jaw has been improved by 90%
3. A hard lump on the side of the knee has gotten a lot smaller and softer
4. Bruises on the hand healed and disappeared much faster

Mrs A Raulet

My name is Nafeesa Salie, and I have great belief in the Bioptron product.


I had a knee injury 16 months ago and spent over R 10 000 on therapy. I had to resign from work because I could no longer stand on my feet until I met Mr Nebojsa Stojanovic, the Managing Director of Bioptron. He came to my home and did a demonstration with the Bioptron on my knee. I was so impressed that I bought myself the Bioptron Lamp.
This lamp is amazing. Within the first week I could feel the difference in my knees. Previously I had to sit on a chair because I could not bend. Within one month (of using Bioptron) I started running, kneeling, etc. All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes of your time daily to apply the lamp to the injured area. Bioptron Light therapy is really amazing. I will recommend this product to anyone.
My daughter fell off a 3 metre wall and I managed to heal her within a short period with the Bioptron lamp.

It is really, really wonderful. I no longer attend the Doctor – Bioptron does it all.
Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Last year I purchased a Bioptron Light Therapy after a brief demonstration of the product. The purchase was initially for use on an injured horse, which had been diagnosed as having a severe joint injury to the lower front leg, resulting in RING BONE. The prognosis was that the horse would no longer be able to jump and should be retired or put down, as he would ultimately become un-ridable. We treated the leg with the Bioptron for six months, with miraculous results. Today, the horse continues to jump in competitions, and is ridden every day. He has no sign of lameness, considering that no drugs or ointments were used during or after the treatment. I can only deduce that the Bioptron proved to be all it was sold as.

Thank you for a great product.

Yours Truly,


I have written this in the hope that those who need healing, pampering and/or therapy will go to Complete Therapy, and will be helped.

I underwent major brain surgery. On Wednesday 8 August I was discharged from hospital, needing to return after two days, as my stitches weren’t ready to be removed. Two days later, Friday, my stitches remained. My wound had not closed. I had to repeat my returning to hospital on Monday. Hopefully, then, they’d be removed.

Meanwhile, on Friday, when I arrived home with my Mom, I shared my desire to look at the building next door to our flat, where my Mother was going to work as a Therapeutic Reflexologist. Feeling well enough, we walked to the place. There I met Carol Stuart, the part owner of the business. She took me on a guided tour.

In one of the rooms, Carol showed me a lamp, which is specifically used for healing. She explained that the light helped with scarring, enabling wounds to heal properly (amongst other healing qualities). Sharing this new knowledge, my Mom and I returned home.

Monday arrived. My stitches were removed. However, parts of the wound were still open. The thought of something like my skull and brains splattering on the floor was bizarre, yet freaky. In spite of having been given an antibiotic cream to prevent infection, I had to stop using it because I became allergic. Anxious about my wound and the dreadful idea of it giving problems, I remembered the light therapy. With the consent of my surgeon, I went to complete therapy, where I had five BIOPTRON Light Therapy treatments. After five days my wound had healed comfortably and completely.

I’d like to say that Carol Stuart and her staff at Complete Therapy were kind, gentle, compassionate and friendly towards me. They confirmed my belief that excellent equipment, together with good users, as well as the caring, human element, is a formidably successful combination when it comes to mankind’s power to heal.

I hope that other people will be inspired to try Complete Therapy. I hope, too, that they will also be satisfied as I, myself, was and am.


Aan almal wat belangstel

Ons as gesin het nie meer geweet wat om te doen met al die siektes en skete in ons huisgesin nie. Ons het in ‘n groot winkelkompleks die BIOPTRON gesien. Ons het besluit om dit te probeer aangesien onsal so baie onkostes gehad het. My man het 4 prostaat operasies in 2 jaar gehad en my 17 jarige seun het erge aknee, waarvoor elke maand ‘n klomp geld uitgegee word. My dogter van 15 jaar het juvenile artritis en aangesien ons nou weer terug Kaap toe verhuis het, het ons gewonder of sy weer sou sukkel met seer gewrigte. Ons almal in die huis het die masjien probeer. My seun het binne 3 dae ‘n verbetering gesien. Sy aknee is merkbaar beter en sy vel is baie minder sensitief. My man het na 6 weke gese hy kan beslis se hy voel beter. Dit was al klaar goeie nuus aangesien hy verlede jaar vir omtrent 10 maande van die jaar op antibiotika was. Vandat hy die masjien gebruik was hy nog net een keer op antibiotika en voel baie beter. My dogter gebruik die masjien op die gewrigte wat pynlik is. Tweeweke gelede het dit gelyk asof sy weer ‘n kurses kortisone moet gebruik. Ons het egter aangehou met die masjien en tot dusver was dit nie nodig om medikasie te gebruik nie en het sy nie ongemak of pyn nie. Daar is nog baie skete in ons huis wat ons met sukses behandel het soos ‘n verstuite enkel blasé snye ‘n droe hoes ens. Alles genees net soveel gouer met behulp van die BIOPTRON masjien. Dit is voorwaar ‘n moet vir elke huis. Ek was ook baie skeptiesoor die produkte watso baie adverteer worden het beslis my bedenkinge gehad, maar nou kan ek nie dink dat ons solank kon klaar kom sonder die produk nie. DIT IS ABSOLUUT ‘n WONDERLIKE PRODUK en so maklik om te gebruik, net ‘n paar minute per dag. En dan wil ek graag aan al die dames vertel hoe goed is die masjien vir plooie. Na slegs eenkeer se gebruik kan my vriende nie glo hoe die plooitjies om my oe versag het nie. My vel was sag en het gegloei. Voorwaar baie goedkoper as ‘n skoonheidsoperasie en sonder pyn.

‘n Baie tevrede gebruiker.
Welma Tribelhorn

I have suffered from an enlarged prostate for 4 years. After using the Bioptron System for just 3 weeks, the problem has disappeared. I used it for ten minutes, twice daily. Previously I had to go on lengthy courses of anti-biotics which later did not help at all. Thanks Bioptron and Gary for this wonderful product. Friends of mine have also benefited from treatments

Johann Kirsten

To The Managing Director,
Zepter Bioptron SA
Dear Sir,

I am not proud to admit that for over 60 (sixty) years, I was not aware that:-
a) Swollen feet
b) Pains in joints, muscle cramps, rheumatism and fibrositis can be relieved by proper blood circulation.
I shudder to think back on my endless hours of suffering all because I have never been informed of the true facts. 3 weeks ago I was introduced to a BIOPTRON Light Therapy system whereupon I took daily 40 minutes of accumulative treatment per day over a 10 day period. The results were as follows:
a) Hard lumps of blood in my varicose veins became soft.
b) Tiny veins, which made my legs black in colour, disappeared along with recurring muscle cramps.
c) The unbearable pain in the lower part of my back, when I try to walk up straight, is no more.
d) My constant headaches, which caused me to take 3 to 4 Grandpa powders per day, have eased off tremendously.
e) For 40 years the skin colour in my lower legs and feet were a blackish grey. Well, today my skin colour has turned back to normal matching that of my upper legs.

My advice to all pain sufferers is NOT TO ACCEPT PAIN and live without it by getting a demonstration of the BIOPTRON machine immediately.

I often suffer from knee aches after an intense cycling training session or race. I was introduced to the BIOPTRON Lamp which relieved my symptoms dramatically after only 8 minutes per knee. I was also suffering from a groin and hamstring injury. I used the lamp for a week on these areas…… it cleared the inflammation and I was injury free after one week!
I would definitely recommend the BIOPTRON Lamp for any sports related injury or aches and pains after racing or training session.

Cyclist: Jolien Venter

Along with the embarrassment of having keloids comes severe pain and redness. It came to a point where I was desperate to (find a solution) so I went to a specialist to try to prevent the keloids returning. The cost was R 10000-00 but no guarantee that it would be 100% effective.

We looked for a second opinion. My grandmother had heard of this machine that cured hundreds of things with the use of light therapy. We got in touch with an agent and bought a Bioptron machine.
The Bioptron hasn’t made them go away, but with extensive use the keloids might disappear. It has however reduced the pain & the redness has faded. I use the Bioptron on any small breakouts I have and within 3-4 days the pimple has reduced.


I treated my Sister’s varicose veins by applying the Bioptron directly to the veins on her legs. She had 2 treatments per day for about 4-5 days. The doctors had treated her and wanted to operate, but she refused to go to hospital. Within a few days the problem had become so much better that she doesn’t have any pain and the large bulges had diminished considerably. Unfortunately, I do not stay near enough to keep the treatment up and therefore it has not disappeared. I’m confident that with regular treatment, it would disappear. It is no longer inflamed and hard, but became soft.

My husband was becoming bald at the back of his head. I find that a bigger machine would give better results in this case, but even with the small one, the baldness is disappearing. He doesn’t sit under the Bioptron regularly and neither can he accurately pin down the spot, yet the patch is disappearing.

I’ve had problems with allergies since a child. My very sensitive nose always blocks up quickly in Autumn and spring. As soon as this starts I use the Bioptron for quick relief. Once again, when it subsides, I stop the treatment – therefore it has not been overcome. Maybe it’s because of our hectic lifestyle. The moment one feels better, you tend to use the Bioptron for something else.

Mrs Maureen Eloff

International Testimonials

I use BIOPTRON Light therapy to minimize the signs of aging. I noticed my fine lines & wrinkles are removed for younger looking skin. I have such great results & use it on daily bases.
E. Kurer

I have been suffering from arthritis pain for more than 10 years. As per dr’s recommendation I started to use BIOPTRON Light twice a day for 10 min. I realized the positive effect on my pain from the first treatment. At the same time it is non-pharmacological therapy, safe & comfortable. I was able to start a normal life again! Show less
D. Simenonova

BIOPTRON is my big help in reducing the pain & discomfort in my knee joints, and in soothing the leg cramps that sometimes go with it. You feel it after 10 min application.
K. Samuel