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Light is the ultimate form of all electromagnetic energy. Light has dual wave-particle nature that has been revealed in quantum mechanics. This duality is shared by all primary constituents of nature. Through evolution, we became adapted to diffused sunlight, which includes high energy UV and a high-energy visible light (called blue-violet light from 380 to 450 nm) which keeps us on constant alert.

BIOPTRON has developed a method for transforming the light into a more beneficial form of light. Based on our patented technology and initial scientific pilot studies we recommend wearing the Tesla LightWear as a replacement for sunglasses, for blocking UV and highly energetic blue sunlight, as well as for possible relaxing effect, improved decision-making processes, and protection against the harmful portion of blue-violet light emitted by LCD and LED screens (as replacement for blue blocker glasses).

We spend today more than 60% of our time in front of the computer screens and phone screens. When the artificial LED white light or LED from mobile devices and computers passes through the Tesla LightWear, it gets shifted into a light spectrum away from the harmful UV and blue-violet light and becomes hyperharmonised at the same time.  The light spectrum of Tesla LightWear corresponds  perfectly with the eye sensibility spectrum.

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